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gawkersucks.wordpress.com its about exposing Gawkers racist slants against minorities.



1. Robb - July 23, 2008

I was recently banned from Gizmodo. only after I had posted a negative comment about Oliver Stone on their main gawker site. When I confronted them on it, I had editor Brian Lam start swearing at me in emails calling me “fuked up” and then threatening me, saying I should use my work email as he knows people who get fired for doing it. We went back and fourth for several emails and it was clear to me that my only offense was making a conservative comment in a liberal web page that is supposed to be about gadgets yet they constantly try to spin their politics into it. I have the email sting if you are interested

2. CP - December 18, 2009

I should have been banned months ago. I am conservative. Gawker and its children are all libbies. Stinking unwashed illogical libbies. And I have often called them on their liberal nonsense in posts gone past. This past weekend, Hortense over at Jezebel banned me for voicing my conservative opinion that monogamy as ordained in the Bible, if followed by everyone for a few generations, would do away completelyl with STDs. I also ranted about Jezebel’s preferred term STI, which attempts to take the ‘sting’ out of the fact that people have nasty unprotected sex with near strangers and contract a DISEASE which will harm their bodies and their future sex partners for a lifetime in many cases. That’s a DISEASE, not merely an ‘infection’.

So, for being conservative, for having a sound, logical opinion and voicing it on that website (trying to be a voice of reason amidst the foul liberal agenda that prevails everywhere these daze), I got banned, and that’s not likely to be reversed.

I do miss interacting with some of my friends/followers, but I must realize that liberal websites will always provoke me to rant conservative measures, and I’m pretty sure life is too short to focus on the banal, the absurd, the idiots and the heathens.

They will all too soon face their Maker and have to account for the putrid fruit their tree produced. Then they’ll be judged and sentenced. That will be true reward. Hortense, your comeuppence is assured – I’d learn how to repent with a contrite heart if I were you.

3. WHO IS THE POLITICAL CHARACTER ASSASSINATION SERVICE KNOWN AS GAWKER MEDIA? | Department of Energy Corruption: The Cleantech KickBack Scheme - July 20, 2015

[…] About | Gawker Sucks Is Gawker Media just one huge offshore tax evasion scheme? […]


[…] About | Gawker Sucks Is Gawker Media just one huge offshore tax evasion scheme? […]

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